Wolf River Music

We are a small but extremely modern studio located in south Orem and we specialize in singer-songwriter/smaller group projects. Our rates are very affordable.


We can do just about anything and everything here at Wolf River Music! We have recorded strings, horns, grand piano, upright piano, bass, guitars, vocals, synths, etc., and we have a top-notch 5-piece custom Yamaha studio drumkit if you need it. We even have a Theremin. 


If you're a beginner or have a limited budget then we're perfect for your smaller project. Singer-songwriters with just an acoustic guitar or just vocals and piano are ideal here.  We can help you out with production and songwriting techniques.  Let us help you turn your musical ideas into fully-produced, professionally-sounding songs.


We also teach lessons. Piano, guitar, bass. There is a ton of musical knowledge and experience over here and we can help you out as you continue onward thru your musical journey.  Juliet Gamero is an adjunct music professor at Utah Valley University and has been teaching piano lessons privately since she was twelve years old.  She is superb!